time btw treatments

  • packergirl
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 3 years ago

I have had one treatment done and was advised to get the 2nd one month later, even though all other drs recommend waiting at least two mos so you can really see the effects.  My dr maintains they have seen better results from patients who did it one month apart rather than more.  One dr on this site said if you don't wait, you will be refreezing the same cells rather than getting at deeper ones.     Anyone have any thoughts about this?

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Generally, doctors wait 2-3 months before re-treating an area. But since not 100% of the fat cells are killed with one treatment, my guess is your doctor is going for more coverage; yes, some cells will be re-treated (unnecessarily) but it should kill new ones others too. S/he might just be trying to get you some results quicker.

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