Tijuana or US; Trying to Decide on Doctor

  • BellaVitali
  • 2 years ago

Looking for doc in San Diego area or thinking of Tijuana. I visited Dr. Suarez, and am thinking of visiting others. Have interviewed 3 docs in SD, and liked them, but 10k more for the AMA stamp of approval seems pricey. I like the idea of a LOCAL anesthesia, offered by Dr. Alavi, but I like the personality and personal care of Dr. Pousti. Skill at Lipo is actually most important to me, because I have an injury that will require a lipo artist, not just a skilled surgeon. Please let me know your good or bad experiences with these docs. Thanks!

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HI, You have to do the surgery local due to several weekly visits. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Be careful when choosing. I don't know those P.S but I would stay in the US. Good luck.
thank u. I have decided to go with Dr. Pousti and that will be Friday. Very, very nervous. Concerned about the vertical cut on the breast. Husband not crazy about that idea. Also nervous if I chose the right type of lipo. Pousti does tumescent, I think it is. Curious if ppl know the difference between that lipo, and other kinds. Also now I am wondering if I should break up the procedures.