Some Throughts on Coolsculpting

  • galen01
  • 1 year ago

I have the done the procedure, we'll see how this evolves. I want to pose a question to this forum: what are the chances of developing (or increasing the chance of getting) diabetes after doing Coolsculpting? I'd like to state I am not an endocrinologist or even a doctor. I am posting this because I find the description of what happens 'after' very vague. First the description in the literature: The way the procedure works is that - mostly - white fat cells (adipocytes) are frozen , while surrounding cells of different type, like nerve cells, are not. The length of the freeze starts an apoptosic, but not necrotic process for the adipocytes. The adipocytes become locally inflammated and are then removed by the immune system. Now my comment on this: A) I understand that necrosis and apopotosis can be hard to distinguish in vivo. B) the immune system must clean up the cell by Macrophagy. C) A white fat cell (wikipedia) consists mostly of triglycerides and cholesteryl ester. Macrophagy can probably only clean up the cell wall of the adipocyte, resulting in liquid triglycerides etc, contained in the adipose layer. In other words: the white cell wall is stripped away, leaving the contents behind. These liquid fat droplets will be taken up by the bloodstream and end up in the liver. D) one remark in the literature is that the could not find an elevated plasma triglyceride count. I do not understand this finding. Now the consequences of all this E) the body can not distinguish between fat from food and 'old' fat. Thus the first months after the procedure I'd say you really should stick to a low-fat diet as you old fat is circulating through your bloodstream. F) You should increase your activity level , for the same reason My question to the forum: G) Macrophages must either infiltrate or already exist in the adipose tissue. "it is widely believed that macrophage infiltration into AT (Adipose Tissue) leads to increased local inflammation, which in turn reduces insulin sensitivity both in the AT and systemically". So: what are the chances of getting diabetes after coolsculpting?