Are second thoughts the closer surgery approaches normal?

  • CautiouslyOptimistic
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I am 9 weeks from surgery and I am wondering if anyone else had second thoughts the closer they approached the big day? I've been reading many accounts of the surgery, and have had friends who had the surgery done as well. And everyone seemed so sure and positive about it. But lately I find myself thinking "I am not THAT big" and "Do I really NEED this surgery". Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Are these just normal fears? I've never had surgery. And that scares me. But the big thing I seem to get stuck on is I've never had the feeling of "hate" towards my breasts that so many woman seem to talk about. Some days I really like them even though they hurt my back, neck, etc. They are "me". I am scared after the surgery I won't feel like "me" anymore and will regret it. As a background, I've had large (very large) breasts my whole life. I started wearing a bra at age 10, and I've never remembered being anything smaller than a C cup even when young. I am currently a 36G and I am 5'5". My large breasts have always been a huge part of my identity. And it scares me to change that, even though physically I know I really should do it (I have chronic daily neck and shoulder spasms and pain). I know I am all over the place here, but has anyone had the same feelings? Anyone out there that wasn't "100% sure" but did the surgery anyway. And how did you feel after the surgery? Thanks