Second thoughts!

  • Rebrak4573
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2 years ago

I am scheduled for my TT w/Bl+BA in 13days, I had been sooo excited but I am now having second thoughts! I am so confused! Mostly stressed about the cost! Is 18K worth this?! Is this normal or does this mean I should cancel?

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@annrebecca, I am 43 as well. I have researched the surgeries for an entire year. This gave me time to save the funding. I'm so excited to get the procedure TT done. Afterwards when I heal guess what I will look younger, feel better about and be sexy as he$$. Just think we will be able to compete with the 30 year olds. My goal is to be able to wear a WHITE Tee shirt tucked in a pair of HOT blue jeans with high heels shoes. Do you know how good I'm going to look. Do you how good this will make me feel about my self esteem. We owe this to ourselves, the better we look, the better we will feel. Do you know how much you will be able to accomplish when you look and feel better. I believe your brain works better when you are healthy and in shape. To prepare myself for the surgery, I am in the Gym, haven't been regularly but I'm stepping my game up tomorrow morning at 5:30am in the gym doing the Body Pump Class. I will start to eat better so when my surgery time is (Hopefully by the end of March) I will be ready. I will heal faster and when your body in some type of physical shape complications will be significantly reduced. This what you do, get a piece of paper and write down all the reasons why you should get the proceducre and all the reasons why you shouldn't. I guarantee, you will see right in front of you why you should. Did you say you have been wanted this for 20 years. Don't overthink it, just do it. We can do it together and by the summer look out little girls real women with flat stomachs coming through. TRS
Wanted to let you know I also had the same concerns and hesitations in regards to Full TT/MR/LIPO-- $8241! Being 7 weeks postop, my question now is why I waited SOOOOooo Long!? I am 43 and have wanted this over 20 years. No kidding. Always felt terrible about me weighing on esteem. EVERYTHING/EVERYONE always came before me. Regardless of my debt, It will get paid as everything else does. And surgery or not I would still go through 8 grand~NO REGRETS HERE! And I have yet to shop!
This is completely normal - but it's a decision only you can make. I am at 13 days out for my tummy tuck and I think the confusion part is something all of us face. I am trying to keep busy so I don't have time for second thoughts. I have done my research on the procedure and the Dr. Do you trust your Dr? If you can say yes, then nothing to worry about and if you can't then perhaps you need to find another Dr.

I recommend the December TUmmy Tuckers thread for some posts that are from women who are just like you. I find that it helps a lot - there's so much insight to be found there. This whole site amazes me and makes me greatful for it - I would never have been able to research the procedure like I have. Or gained tips/tricks from those who have gone before me. Deep Breathe.