Thinking of Getting Veeners Teeth Any Good Ideas Where ? and How Much ?

  • rossybum1234
  • merseyside
  • 2 years ago

teeth top and bottom ?

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Make sure to do a lot of research on the dentists you are considering. Any dentist can market themselves as a "Cosmetic Dentist", so make sure you see before & after photos of patients they have done the actual work on.

You can click on the "Find a Doctor" tab near the top of the screen, select the area you are in, then narrow the search by either specialty (cosmetic dentistry) or procedure (porcelain veneers).

As for price, that will depend on how many veneers you have placed, plus a number of other factors. You can see the average cost that community members have reported spending was $8,322.00

I hope that helps some. :)

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