Thinking About Doing the Famous BBL - Questions!

  • Rita9611
  • 1 year ago

I am 5.6 and weight 135 lbs,Blythe way I am 40 years old n have been the same wight for the last two years I'm not looking to get a big butt like Jlo just a nice butt that suits me well. I was wondering if anyone knws how long till you schedule for surgery after you have paid off your bill. I see some women here are taking several months.

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Hi there !! had to pay a 2k deposit when I booked surgery date. Everything had to be paid in full the day before surgery. I scheduled mine and 5 weeks later actually had surgery. Look into care credit. I have used them before! good luck to you
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Hi there,

I haven't the surgery myself, but from what I've read, you can book your surgery date, while paying off the bill. Most doctors will request a deposit, but after that, they normally let you pay in installments, up until your surgery date.

Have you had any consultations and asked the doctos about their financing options?

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