Thinking of Revising from a Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve but I Am Scared: Is Leakage a Problem Always?

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I was banded in 2009 and lost 80 lbs. 2 yrs ago I had ulcers of esophagus which was treated w/aciphex. Now the EDG shows hiatal hernia, esophagitis & gastritis. Basically all inflammation. Ready to get the band out period. A bit fearful of the sleeve so I would like to know 1) recuperation time 2) pain like lap band? 3)I have Aetna insurance that does cover a revision. Reasons listed are slip, erosion, dilated pouch & maybe one or 2 more things. No mention of hiatal hernia. The band is deflated and I have pains a few times a week, nausea & bloating. Should also mention in the past 2 years I went to ER two times because of chest pain I thought could be my heart. Tests for heart all good. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!!
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I had a lap-band removed and, of course, the weight piled back on plus more. So I had the sleeve surgery in April, 2014 and have not looked back. My weight loss is steady and I have so much more energy. Best of all though, I can eat anything I want but only in very small quantities. I was up and about within hours of my surgery and showered myself the next morning. Hospital stay was only 2 nights. I sleep better, I am not up peeing 5 times a night and I feel it is the best decision that I have made. Best of luck :)
I had the lap band in 2009 and I did initially lose 80 lbs. but I always felt the fills made me too tight. I gained weight and then began to have all kinds of strange stomach pains. I had an endoscope that shows a hiatal hernia (was repaired at time of surgery) & esophagitis plus gastritis. Pretty much all inflammation. Haven't received biopsy report yet. Gastro dr said the lap band appeared to be lower than it should be; normally he sees them higher up. Ready to have the band removed & revision to the sleeve. 1) what was your recuperation time and 2) I have Aetna insurance. They will cover a second Bariatric surgery if there is a slip, eroded, dilation, etc. has anyone had Aetna to approve surgery according to my situation? I'm a bit scared but I know what I'm feeling isn't normal. 2 years ago I had ulcers of the esophagus, it was treated & got better. But this being bloated, various pains & nausea is now to the point I just want the band out period. But I also need to lose weight. BMI is 39 & I have sleep apnea, high bp(take meds) & am hypothyroid. Advice or suggestions. Thanks!
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Hello! I am scheduled for the Gastric Sleeve tomorrow (9/11/14). I am a little nervous but mostly excited!!! I also have the lapband. I had it placed almost 5 years ago and have nothing but problems with it. It tightens on its own and causes me to vomit. It is so nice to see soo many people who are happy with their sleeve. What advice do you have for a new sleeve patient??? Thanks, Danie
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Hi daniehop, good luck with ur surgery. Keep us posted n I'm having mine on the 29th of sept 2014
Thank you so much!! I will keep you posted for sure!! Good luck to you as well on the 29th!!!
I am scheduled to have a revision from band to sleeve on Oct. 20th. I would love to follow your Progress!
I had the lapband removed 5 years ago and found it too restrictive (but of course, my weight skyrocketed). I had the Sleeve surgery in April and am so happy with it. I can eat such a wider range of foods than I could with the lapband. I was up and about hours after the surgery and showered myself the next morming. I am delighted and averaging a steady .5 kg loss each week. My friend is averaging about 1.3 kg a week. Hope this helps :)
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I have had the revision and I could not be happier. I found the lap band restrictive and had it removed after 5 years. 3 months ago I have the sleeve and I am so pleased I did. I really can anything I like but just in smaller quantities - this includes so many foods I could not each with the band. I am currently averaging a steady .5 kg loss each week while my sister-in-law averages 1.3 each week.
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My doctor discussed all 3 procedures with me and the differences. Out of the 3 he said the Gastric Sleeve has the least complications compared to the Band and the Bypass. The sleeve has a 10% less weight loss than the Bypass. The Band can cause you to yo-yo and can slip. He said almost all patients come back for either the sleeve or the bypass, his office doesn't recommend the band anymore and very rarely does them. Best of Luck
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I just got back from Mexico, I'm 2 week out from my sleeve surgery! Im doing great! I chose to make it sort of a short vacation and paid extra to have my surgery done in puerto vallarta Mexico! It was beautiful!!! It was $5200, if you go to TJ Mexico I think its $4200 depending on the Dr. Some are as high as $6500 Let me know if you have questions about it. I'd be happy to answer! Im down 23lb so far and and trying to figure this all out!
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Hi I got my date 9/29/2014 for the sleeve. Any recommendations or ideas for a safe and easy procedure
Hi I had the lap and in 2006. It slipped and now am up for revision. I have read as much as I can on the gastric sleeve. My appointment is with Dr. Ortiz. My self esteem has hit rock bottom. I can't fight the pain I feel over my weight. So this is it!! I am going July 4 th to Mexico. If anybody needs a friend at that time in mexico just PM me
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Hi there. I had a lapband also. Waiting to have my VS in Mexico next year. My band is out already. How did it go?
Did u have gastric sleeve 7-4-2013 ?
having band removed and sleeve procedure may 2014.
Doing som research on the sleeve and seen your post. Are you still set up for April? How are you feeling? I'm very interested, I called today and the cost is 13.500. How much does it cost in Mexico?

Hi there, welcome!

I'm not a doctor, so please don't take this as medical advice, but leakage is not something that happens with every Sleeve Gastrectomy. It can happen, if you have complications, but it's not something that happens often. I'm also going to be having the sleeve procedure and leakage was one of my worries, but after researching I found out that it doesn't happen in the majority of cases.

You may want to check out the Weight Loss Surgery page, it has some information guides there. Take a look at the Sleeve Gastrecomy guide, it might help you!


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