Thinking About Getting Nose Job...should I? And Will It Be Worth It?

  • Abbi
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I'm Abbi. I'm 15 and have been thinking about getting a nose job. I don't have the money for it now but I've been debating whether or not to save my money for a nose job.

I'm a WIMP...let me say that again...a BIG WIMP when it comes to pain. I don't even like to get shots so that's why this scares me. I know there will be pain, but the pain I hate it nettle pain. If you could answer a few questions for me...that'd be great...

Where do they put the IV in?
Do they break your nose first?
How long does the pain/discomfort last after surgery?
Do you have to stay overnight in the hospital?
What's the average cost in Ohio?

Thank you SO much! I desperately need these questions answered...I'm 15 and VERY self-conscience about my nose...I've never been made fun of for it but it personally bugs me. And if I like a guy I'm always making sure that I'm facing him from the front (cause that front's not as bad). Thank you again!

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Oooh, you're so pretty, but I completely understand. I hated my nose at 15 SO much.

Here's my take on hating your nose at 15: Getting it fixed won't change your life drastically, but it will prevent the self consciousness that comes from having a larger nose. If you hate it at 15, you'll probably still hate it at 25 and 35. Though it's possible your face can still grow and change and that your nose will look better on your face in a few years.

I wasn't able to get my nose shortened until I was 27, but I wish I had done it at 16 or 17.

They put the IV in the top of your wrist, but they often put a topical numbing cream on first and it really doesn't hurt much. They often break your nose, but your'e totally out and have no idea what's happening. Don't let that scare you off. The discomfort lasts several days to a week. You can feel congested for even longer afterward. And the swelling can last up to a year (but gets less with time). Doctors almost always do rhinoplasty on an outpatient basis, so, unless there are complications, you don't spend the night in a hospital.

The average cost for rhinoplasty nationwide is $6200, but you'd have to call individual doctors in your area because they do vary on what they charge.

When it's time to choose a doctor, go with someone who SPECIALIZES in rhinoplasty. And make sure you communicate exactly what you want.

Hope this helps and I hope you can get it done!

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