Thinking of going BIGGER!

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  • 2 years ago

Is it easier the 2nd time around?   The first week was pretty rough as far as pain.   It took about a month or two to feel human again, to be able to run again, lift weights again, to do all that stuff............Does the same apply the second time around?    Want to add maybe 100cc............want to be a little bigger than the 300cc............I'm thinking maybe 400 or so.   thanks.

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if you want to increase size i would go up at least 200cc i think 100cc is just going to make you look fuller.
I have had my 2nd BA 12 days ago. And i guess depending on how your first one was placed ( under or overs) . The first couple of days i was literally sitting up and not able to move around too much. but i stopped taking pain meds b/c it makes u constipated. the pain was not bad at that time anymore but i don't really like taking any meds. . just heavy feeling in my chest. my recovery was great. I had stitches taken out a week later and did a few massage techniques the nurse showed me. I'm soft now and i feel great. Of course you can not work out for at least 4 weeks. anything that raises blood pressure can cause blood clots and make you swell. SO i am doing everything i use to do except lifting anything. I would give yourself a good week to recouperate. AS for size. Really 100cc is not going to make a difference...unless u like your size right now. I would say maybe 450cc. But thats why those questions would be good for your PS. Bring in photos of other girls you like.
can anyone comment on the second time around?? looking for you girls that have done it twice....

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