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  • iSi
  • 1 year ago

I just started the process.  I'm 35 with three kids. Looking to give myself a gift. It's seems I tend to take care of others and now it's time for me. Looking to have a mini TT, bbl, lipo. Waiting for a quote from Yily. I'm not looking to have anything done until 2014, but is never to late to start planning. 

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Hey there, welcome!

Have you heard back from Yily yet, re: your quote?

Got a quote of 3900, which isn't bad. With airline ticket, medicine, massages, and room it will probably run me 5500. I just have to decide when. I have three small kids and need to mk sure they have someone who is willing to take care of them for two weeks. My two oldest also go to school and i need to wrk around their schedule. I wont be telling many people of my procedure as I am married into a pretty conservative family. I told hubby, i really didn't tell him about the BBL, as he will try to convince me I just need a little exercise.

That's not a bad quote at all! I can understand not wanting to tell too many people, but yes, you will need support for the first few weeks, especially if you have kids.

Will your husband not notice your butt being bigger? Or are you going to tell him after the surgery?

I will definitely tell him, but closer the surgery date.