Why are they hurting after scar tissue and muscle scaring cut out, and ripples so badly,and hanging?

  • hurtunhappy
  • N.C.
  • 1 year ago

went back to my dr. was not helpful @ all said nothing can be done! I don't like the way one nipple goes to the side more then other and the hanging is so bad along w/t the ripples one looks bigger then other i'm so up set to look at them, what if any can i do to fix this? i'm in pain all the time ack and ripple are so bad after 10 months whats going on? please help! sent photos already you can see how they hang to my tummy and before they was not like this. i guess i will go find another dr. i want them back the way they looked before the one implant went down this is my 3x having them done i was a 325 cc now 375 cc w/t cut out tissue and scaring and now hanging and ripples are sooooooo bad.