Will they look bigger after swelling goes Down?

  • 3llie
  • NY
  • 1 year ago

Hi all! I just got my BA done yesterday! Surgical coordinator said I would be a large C small D after I call her twice saying I wanted DD.. I will list my stats below.. At my initial appointment I'd said I just wanted to be able to wear a bra without padding. And showed him a picture of a size D. But after researching and looking into it I got al little boobie greed and realized I would be silly to not go larger especially since my body can handle it.

He specific said I could go as big as I wanted since my chest is so wide! I know this doctor thru a family member and he is a great amazing doctor and I'm sure did a great job, plus he did it for me at half his price so I don't mean to ungrateful or greedy..it's really not my personality. But I did spend $6500 on breasts to go much bigger not just half a cup size. I don't know if they'll drop and fluff or what, but if the assistant said large C small D I can't help but freak out. Someone help!  I can't post photos yet I'm still wearing my white bra which I have to wash today.

But these are some of my stats as I won't find out specifics until my postop appt. and I can post pre op pics so you can see how far apart they are.. (I asked for cleavage too and haven't seen it yet but I know I'm still swollen. I am 5"3 146 pounds (mostly belly weight ugh) I started as a full 34B to deflated 34/36C post Baby.. I asked for a Large D or med DD They gave me 337cc over the muscle, we initially ordered 375 and Dos specifically stated before going in that a 375 will get me to a DD..

So what gives?? I've cried twice so far, I had to take time off school which prolongs my licensure and give money that I could've used for something else! To those who are in worse predicaments, I am truly sorry. I really am not as bratty as I may sound, just nervous I guess. I'm just looking for someone in a similar situation or had the same thoughts i did.. Did u get a revision? D&F and bra size grew? I have no idea what to expect. Share