How do they keep getting away with accountability for botched jobs!!??

  • dancerdmarie
  • 2 years ago

Had my lift done in Ft.myers, Florida,  I was literally a bloody mess from this "free" laser treatment.....which does NOTHING in the long run!  Long story short, was very disappointed at the neck results.....went back and was told I need to pay another $1000, to have the muscle cut under the chin for better results.....did, I have a nasty scar, and the left side of my neck is looks awful.   I also have knots all around my ears and chin!   I went back for them to re-evaluate all this with a different doctor in that office.....he was rude and condiscending.....told me, and I have no looks fine....and insulted me to boot!! I contacted the main office of Lifestyle.....and even after sending pictures....(they speak for themselves) I was told they will not do anything to help me!   These folks are making millions off of us.....with no accountability....time for a class action law suit....and a chat with the local tv stations.....IF YOU ARE A VICTUM......YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION....DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!