Thermo-Lo on the East coast?

  • julie2011
  • Henderson, NC
  • 3 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find Thermo-Lo treatment on the East coast? Thanks!

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I just took a look at the Thermo-Lo website and thought it was a bit alarming that it seems anyone can buy the machine (I clicked through to the order form to verify no credentials were required for purchase) and that an additional $1,000 must be paid for training. If they are selling this product to lay-people (non-doctors) shouldn't training be mandatory? It seems this machine could do some damage in untrained hands.


Hey Megan - If you browse the site, it says that the purchaser must do their due diligence in their country, state, city, etc. before buying the machine. I also see that the training can be included in the price of a new 2013 ThermoLo machine in the USA. Purchasers are asked to contact their distributor. I would contact Lorenzo Kunze (888-499-8991) who has been in the aesthetic and medical profession for over 40 years and ask him to send you information regarding the use of the ThermoLo machine.
Still can't locate anyone in md. Any clues?

Hi julie, 

Where on the East Coast are you? Here is the link to find a doctor. Hope that helps.