Thermo-Lo on the East coast?

  • julie2011
  • Henderson, NC
  • 2 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find Thermo-Lo treatment on the East coast? Thanks!

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I just took a look at the Thermo-Lo website and thought it was a bit alarming that it seems anyone can buy the machine (I clicked through to the order form to verify no credentials were required for purchase) and that an additional $1,000 must be paid for training. If they are selling this product to lay-people (non-doctors) shouldn't training be mandatory? It seems this machine could do some damage in untrained hands.


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Hey Megan - If you browse the site, it says that the purchaser must do their due diligence in their country, state, city, etc. before buying the machine. I also see that the training can be included in the price of a new 2013 ThermoLo machine in the USA. Purchasers are asked to contact their distributor. I would contact Lorenzo Kunze (888-499-8991) who has been in the aesthetic and medical profession for over 40 years and ask him to send you information regarding the use of the ThermoLo machine.
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Still can't locate anyone in md. Any clues?
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Hi julie, 

Where on the East Coast are you? Here is the link to find a doctor. Hope that helps. 



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