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Will thermage work for stomach after 3 children?

  • matthew196fraire
  • tx
  • 4 years ago

It it works for me and I dont get touch ups will my stomach go back to this? I have had 3 children and want to tighten up my stomach again.

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Honestly idk if it will work well for you ,.I had thermage and met with mixed results for sure . On my face it worked although temporary at 2.5 yrs i still went ahead with a full face lift , neck lift and then 6 months later i am now recovering frmo a forehead surgery as well. I used it on my tummy and was appauled to not have gotten the same result.It lieft me with approx 100 indentations the shape of the head of the machine .fat loss apparently cause a dimpled affect , i then went ahead with lipo to try and smooth it to not avail followed by a full tummy tuck as my only way to get smooth skin again on my tummy . I personally would not do it on my tummy again in total the 25oo i spent on thermage turned into approx 12g of fix me up please doc.. The difference seemd to be in the head whilke the face head for the machine is for tightening only the body gead also addresses some fat as well this is exactly how i ended up looking like somone took a melon baller to my belly . All in all i would not suggest thermage as the results are limited , temporary and in fact may come out looking horrendous . Good luck to you whatever you decide.Aquilt