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Can Thermage cause facial fat loss?

  • ed
  • 6 years ago

I received the Thermage treatment over a year ago on my face, and at first it seemed to look better because my eyes did not droop afterward. Unfortunately I had never been told that if I was to lose weight that I would have a severe side affect. I lost about 35 pounds, and now my face looks like a prune. It looks far worse than it did before the treatment.

I have consulted a few other Doctors who seem to have differing opinions as to what to do at this point, and I have people starring at my face asking "What Happened To You?"

I started to put the weight back on, and it did not make a difference, so, I continued to go back to my regime.

I contacted some National Board about this and they suggested that I contact establishments who do Cosmetics studies, but I have gotten nowhere. Can someone give me some direction? Please respond!

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Yes it can. I had it at the age of 24, which this whole time I had no idea what they used on me in the so-called establishment I had it done. But I found out literally today, after 2 years that it was Thermage. It ruined my life. It is a radio frequency device, meaning it swells fat cells and causes them to burst and die. Unfortunately this device is still under false marketing. Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions.
How soon after did you start losing the fat in your face. I just got it done without looking into side effects And I'm really scared. I feel like a fool.
Perhaps explore some of the existing Thermage reviews and other forum posts for more info.
I received one comment on my situation. I guess no one really cares.
My guess is it's the weight loss that's the issue, not that you happen to have it done after Thermage. Thermage can only do so much. It's more a tightening, refinement tool than a massive restructuring device. If there's tons of loose skin, you may have to get plastic surgery and filler injections. Personally, I never found Thermage that effective. I had it done twice and it's definitely not worth the pain. The money would have been better spent elsewhere.
Well I thought that maybe it was just the weight loss that was the problem, but the rest of my body lost weight to, and it is quite firm and looks ok. My face does not. I have come to the decision that perhaps a facelift is the only remedy. Unfortunately I can't afford it since I have lost my job.