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Are There Any Surgeons in Canada That Can Fix a Septal Perforation

  • dakota2010
  • 2 years ago

are there any surgeons in Canada that can fix a septal perforation? I kow there are a few in the US . I went to one in the south and he said he could fix it but said it would be $50.000.00 US , I have kids to put thru college it's supposedly small , but bleeds and crusts

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Oh man, I'm sorry about your septal perforation. Is this due to rhinoplasty?

I know this isn't in Canada, but I found this person's review helpful (Florida) just for informational purposes (looks like their insurance covered most of the cost).

I don't know where you're located, but you can go here to find doctors in your area, then call around and ask if the doctors do septal perforation repairs.

Good luck and PM me if I can help further.

Do you know of any Good? Doctor that can fix a small septal perforation caused by Rhinoplasty. The Doctor in the south in Texas wanted $50,000 US? that's way to much
I was hoping to find one in Canada,