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Are There Psychologists Who Deal with Botched Liposuction Victims?

  • Juliabars
  • Seattle, WA
  • 1 year ago

Are there any psychologists, therapists, clinics, or branches of psychology that can help with the impact and identity loss associated with a botched surgery? I am not talking about body dysmorphia but simply a one-time procedure that completely altered my identity. I'm from the Seattle area and am looking for recommendations of individual therapists or psychologists who I can work with. Thanks!

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That's really interesting you guys. I actually had gone to numerous therapists since I last posted this, and still nothing. So I decided to do my own research. What I found out is that I and maybe you guys too, are going through what is called "disenfranchised grief". Probably along with other specific issues, like the shock that comes with such change. Many of my therapists said it was too little of a situation to define it as PTSD, so there has to be another name for it. Perhaps one day a botched victim will be so disturbed and affected by what has happened to them that they will pursue such a degree in psychology and be the pioneer to address this unrecognized and undefined problem as an actual mental disturbance. I think it's important to remember also that not much has been studied on what physiological and mental changes can happen when you remove fat from the body. I've had to do my own research on that as well, much of which you can find under the forum, "Did you gain weight after lipo".
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I remember that Stanford University psychology department was having a research study on ptsd and I contacted them after a horrible result from lipo on my abdomen on January 11 2012; i backed out at the last moment though, I am still dealing with some of the ptsd, although it has subsided a little. The pictures are so deceiving and most of the doctors even worse. My doctor Howard Rosenberg deserves to be put in jail for lying and mishandling our bodies.
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Julia, i hear you. I too had a horrible outcome after surgery. It has altered my self image and mental health completely. I am in counseling essentially for PTSD but i agree- this is a sad area needing targeted counseling. I have yet to find it. Best of luck to bothbof us ... This has truly been a horrible experience
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Thanks, eluna.
I've looked high and low in my area, and actually started my search at yet with no luck. It would be interesting if psychologists/therapists/councilors started specializing in areas such as botched surgeries and identity loss (outside of PS addiction and BDD) considering it happens so often and with the increasing amount of PS. If you know of any people who work specifically with such victims (1 time procedures), please do send me a message as they probably could direct me to other people I could possibly contact in the NW area. Thanks!
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HI Julia,
I am an LCSW in California and I just happened to come across this post. A botched surgery and the resulting identity issues may be viewed as a traumatic experience. There are certain therapy techniques that can help lessen this painful experience. In your case, I would do a search on a website such as for therapists in your area who specialize in trauma. Best of luck to you.
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Hi Julia,

I'm sorry you're hvaing a difficult time after your procedure. I hope you're feeling better. Did you ever find someone to work with?

If you haven't found anyone yet, we do have an area where you can ask a question and recieve replies from board certified doctors. They may be able to recommend someone who you can speak to.

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HI Kirsty,

Thanks for the post. I haven't found anybody yet.
I actually wrote this post as a question to Doctors but whoever received it at the Realself office posted it in the forum, which is where I didn't want it to be, especially considering very few people respond to anything on realself forums... I'm not sure why they did that since I would assume few lay member are connected to psychologists. Can someone re-post to the Doctors as it was originally intended? That would be great.

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Hi Julia,

I have submitted your question for you today, so hopefully you will recieve answers soon.

If you need anything else please let me know.


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