Is There a PS That Specializes in Abdominoplasty in Florida?

  • DA50
  • 1 year ago

I've been searching for months on the internet for a PS who 'specializes' in Abdominoplasty in Florida. There seem to be so many Cosmetic Surgery Centers now that perform this surgery making it almost impossible to narrow it down to who actually 'specializes' in it. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi Sarah and thank you for the link.....I was hoping that my question would reach the PS's so that they might be able to recommend someone they know who specializes in tummy tucks in Florida. The link you provided only gives me the PS who I have already researched and none of them do the no drain/ no pain pump procedure. I really need the recommendations from these doctors as to who they have inside knowledge on preforming this procedure with a high success rate! Could my question get posted on the "Ask a doctor" site??? Thank you so much!!

Hi DA50,

We do not allow doctors on our site to self-promote nor make referrals. I might suggest that you read the Tummy Tuck reviews, where our users rate their doctors based on their experience. This has been extremely helpful for many people who are researching and just beginning their journey. 

That's fine.....I only posted the questions because I saw where someone else posted a similar questions regarding facelifts and the doctors did give some recommendations to her. I thought that was most helpful being that it came from the doctor's peers. After all, they have all the inside scoop on whose the best and that's what I'm looking for! A doctor who other doctors would go to or recommend to their own families. There's just no one in the Tampa area who seems to have the qualifications I'm looking for. I really need some help! I've already looked through the Tummy Tuck reviews and so far have not found anyone who does the type of procedure I'm looking for....but I guess I'll keep looking....thx.

I was able to find one review with a doctor that did drainless Tummy Tucks. Here's the link to their review:

Had Tummy Tuck on 12/18/12 - Tampa, FL

I hope this helps!

Thank you! If you find anymore in the Central Florida area.....please let me know! Thx so much!!