Are there pictures of tattoo to cover tummy tuck scars by ladies who have done a tt and gotten a tattoo?

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I am wondering if the ladies who have had tummy tucks and got tattoos to cover their scars are willing to share pictures of how their tattoos look after they are done.  I have seen one and it looked amazing, but it is difficult to think of colors/ideas for such long tattoos.  Also, did it actually cover the scar and helps asthetically?  About how much does it cost to get a long tattoo?  Thanks.

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I just have one done, and Im pretty happy with it. I was charged $120.00 for cover up a long tummy tuck scar. I have red roses with green leaves.
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Did you see the "breast reduction scar cover tattoo" pics I posted? They may help you to see just how amazingly a scar can be camouflaged. I'm suuuuper happy with my decision. Also, you mentioned that you would like to see example pics for your particular cover area, aside from pics, you can talk to a few good tattoo artists and have them draw a picture or two up as examples. Any good artist wouldn't mind the extra work ahead of time. When your permenently covering up a scar, your not just covering up a scar, your healing a soul too.....make sure your artist understands that ahead of time and it may help them to approach this particular job with a bit of extra patience. Good luck. :-)
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There are rub on and jewel type temporary tattoos you can get. You can also get henna tattoos and try out what you want before it is permanent. Prolly have to find a resort area to do that. I saw them all over Daytona Beach and Gatlinburg, two places I went this year. I tried the ScarArt rub on tattoo and it looked cute, but did not last as long as they said, but I did not have pressed powder handy when I put it on, like they suggested. Get that or baby powder before you try it. I am going to try the crystal tummy tuck cover up mentioned on the website icancoverupanything site next. They are removable and reusable and look so fun. I am also going to try an airbrush tan when the weather is warmer. All of those are temporary. Most sites I read say they will not do a permanent tattoo until at least one year PO. I think I will do what one site suggested and do a small trial tattoo to see how lines and inks do with my skin and my scar. It will be something that can be incorporated into a larger one if I am happy with the initial result. Think I will wait 18 months to two years before I try anything. My scar is faded a lot in 7 months. My c section scar was almost invisible. If I end up with that result over time, I will skip the tattoo altogether.
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Thanks for the information tweetymom8! I have tried temporary tattoos, although my skin is somewhat wrinkly in the top area of my vertical line..I do like how the tattoo hides that a little bit. I usually wear very low fitting jeans and my bikinis are covering the vertical scar is critical for me, since my horizontal scar is super low, the way I wanted it. Take care, & again, thanks for all the useful info!
Hey, I think the scar is sexy will be sexy...wouldn't cover it up for the world. It's better than ink (and I have ink). Plus, it's tough to cover the scar. Why do you want to attempt to cover it?
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Thanks for sharing...I now just want to cover my vertical scar which is wrinkly due to stretch marks in the lower part of my stomach. Although if I saw an awesome feminine tattoo on the tt scar...I just may look into it. For now, I am just trying to find a small, cute tattoo to cover my vertical scar. It always shows with my lower cut pants & looks terrible. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Take care.
I will post mine as soon as I get it. I am supposed to get it Jan 22. I am having a hard time deciding because I cant find many pictures of what I want to see.
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Ooh...I would love to see your tattoo. Hopefully you'll find something you love! I notice you also have a vertical scar, although yours isn't as ugly as mine. Yours seems to be healing really well. Hope to see your new tatt...take care and thanks for sharing!
It is healing very well. It is very smooth but still on the dark side. Even when it completely lightens up I still dont want to see the scar at all so a tattoo will camelflauge it. Plus I like tattoos and I feel it will give me some edge. :) It will be on the same idea as Kimbella. (A model) If you google her you can see. Her tattoo is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing...I will look it up for sure.
Many of the tattoo shops with websites online have pictures of tummy tuck scar cover ups. I have found that some require your scar to be at least one year old before they will tattoo over it. Also, some artist may refuse to actually tattoo directly over top of the scar versus tattooing right above the scar. Many of the photos I have seen include, vines, lettering, and flowers. As far as helping aesthetically, it helps to pay for the best artist to do the best work. The cover up tattoo is not a place to cut cost if you would like it to look great.
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Thanks for the information surgatercarern....I am still vacillating on whether I want to get a tattoo or not. Perhaps I will get one on my vertical scar and not on the super long horizontal scar. Thanks for the information, always helpful to get numerous perspectives. Take care.