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Is there always nausea? Does the numbing really hurt? Anyone with the 'double stomach' had smartlipo?

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So, I have already gone for one consultation for upper and lower abdomen. I am about five six in height and weigh about 187 (but the weight is primarily in my abdomen area).  I have the double stomach where the fat in the lower ab hangs over my pubic area and the fat in the upper ab hangs over my pants :( I was quoted a price of $6,000 and was told that the double stomach would remain but there would be a noticeable difference (I think I can handle that). The only way to have a flat stomach again would be a tummy tuck and I will not consider that option.  I did a little more research and have another consultation next week where the price will be lower.  I am defintely going to do it (I think) but I have questions about the pre and post op procedures.  What can I do to prevent having to vomit after surgery? Does the numbing of the area hurt?  Any advice or suggestions regarding the procedure would be greatly appreciated!

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I understood that nausea and vomiting after the procedure only happens after general anesthesia lipo and barely, if ever with tumescent lipo or smart lipo (everybody calls it different) Under local anesthesia. I m skinny and only had some fat in my flank area and had that removed with tumescent lipo last Friday. I did not feel like the numbing of the area hurt much at all while others said that was the worst step. I didn't think so at all,!but the procedure itself did hurt quite a bit at times while others say it didn't hurt them a bit! I think everybody has a different experience. As I said I'm only one week post op and my results and healing has been great. I didn't hurt at all after and I only have some bruising. If you want to go the safer and shorter down time I would recommend local anesthesia lipo only but make sure with a good plastic surgeon that you qualify for it as in my understanding you only do if you have small areas to remove . Good luck !
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Thank you very much.
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Hi there, welcome!

Have you taken a look through the Smart Lipo reviews? There's lots of information and if you need to ask questions you can either leave a comment on the review or send a private message. The other community members are always willing to help.

Hope this helps!

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