Anyone out there had Hyaluronidase in cheek area to reduce asymmetry after Restylane? PLEASE HELP

  • Lena2K
  • CT
  • 2 years ago

Hi All, I have been suffering for 15 months after I had Restyalne injected into a depressed acne scar - the Restylane in fact did nothing to fill in the scar it just squeezed into the surrounding area and created a asymmetry to my face - so I have this big egg shape around the injection area.  After reading all these reviews I am terrified to get Hyaluronidase injections to try to bring it down but it's so depressing going around with my face like this.  I want my normal face back! 

I am sure it was Restylane - I have my Dr's records and I went to a very 'famous' Dr. who I thought I could trust.  He overfilled my face. Restylane has never been tested, nor is it FDA approved for filling scars near the cheekbone so there really is no data to how long it lasts in this area.  Please - if you have any suggestions or know of any alternative therapies please post here.  Thank you.

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I had hyaluronidase to remove Juvederm after an allergic reaction to the Juvederm. I now have scars, sunken areas and dark patches. This stuff is NOT safe
Did you ever find a way to repair the damage?
I am having a similar experience. I'm devastated from this enzyme. It has ruined my face.
Thanks Lena2K. I don't care what people like Megan say as she is "managing" the board. I know what's going on with my face and have been to 3 TOP DOCS who all say this could be permanent. These docs don't know what they're doing and only want money. I went back to the PS who did my facelift and she said it could have damaged the skin. Another top doc said to wait 6 months to see if the elasticity comes back. If not-another face lift will be needed. I AM MAD!!!! My face is ruined-period, end of story
I am in your boat. I went to someone "Board Certified" who over injected and now I am suffering from the resty and the enzyme. DO NOT DO THE ENZYME My face is awful-saggy, flat, horrible. What city are you in? I have been to several TOP DOCS who swear they never saw anything like this and don't understand what is happening. THey all lie. I am going to my original surgeon tomorrow who did my facelift to see if she can repair this mess. Please-dont' do the enzyme-I am telling you its a mistake. IT MADE ME WORSE!!!! Find someone else to look at your face.

It seems like your case is probably a bit unique though Blonde Babe, given that you had injections after a facelift.

I do believe that the majority of the doctors want what is best for their patients and sincerely do what they can to help us.

Respectfully, I disagree with your comment to blond babe. If you look at the reviews and overall q&a there is an overall lack of consistency regarding the safety of this treatment to remove hyaluronic acid based fillers. Others who have had these injections to remove the filler who did not have a face lift such as blond babe, have experienced similar life changing, disfiguring, negative effects. I have done a lot of research on this enzyme - even my own Dr has seen several women who's faces have been ruined by injections of hyaluronidase. The FDA has never approved it for the removal of fillers. Maybe it works for some people but for others it has clearly had devastating results and that should not be minimized - which it seems like you are attempting to do here.

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Please keep us updated on what you decide to do & how things are going for you.