Is there any hope with insurance covering my long time broken nose?

  • morabis18
  • 8 months ago

I had recently made consults with some surgeons but they tell me I have to pay a 20% or 40% deductible I dont know what that means.. or how much ill have to pay just for them to see me. Then there is the submitting the info to my insurance and it sounds complicated. and there is always the chance of insurance declining. I am just lost and I dont know if it is worth going on with this :( please help I will appreciate it.

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Thanks for your post! Some surgeons will not charge a consultation fee, and some will. You have to call each individual office and ask about that. The surgeons will evaluate your nose and give you some info regarding what they think about what insurance might pay.

A deductible (at least in the U.S.) generally refers to the amount you need to pay for your health care before insurance kicks in and will start covering it. Then you usually have a co-pay. So, say your health care plan agrees to pay for 80% of your surgery, you will be responsible for paying the last 20%. This is after your deductible has been met. If you have questions, call your insurance company and they will explain this probably better than I did. It's all very confusing.

Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Research research research your surgeons before choosing.
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Thank you so much for the answer. This is starting(slowly) to make sense but I feel its a whole lot easier to pay it as a cosmetic procedure and I am 17 sosaving up the money
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*so saving up the money seems like the option that is less complicated even if it means suffering for more time. Thanks again though. I appreciate it :)
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