Are there any good recommendations for doctors who specialize in asian rhinoplasty? Preferably in Los Angeles.

  • daphneli
  • 7 months ago

I had a liquid nose job a few months ago. I liked the result, but wanted to get something more permanent and have an even more prominent result. What are the procedures for doing so (would I need to wait until the filler is totally absorbed?) Are there any doctors who know how to deal with these situations and are experienced with asian rhinoplasty? I live in Los Angeles, but I am willing to travel to other parts of the country if there are goo recommendations.

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Hey Daphneli, whatever you don't, don't go to Kenneth Kim near koreatown. He's a butcher. A plastic surgeon I would recommend is Dr. Cho Soo Ho near koreatown. go to his clinic and look at his album of before/after pics.
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Hi There,

Here's a link to the board certified doctors in your area who perform Asian Eyelid Surgery.

Hopefully this helps!

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Is there a similar list for certified doctors for Asian rhinoplasty? Thank you!
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Sure is.  Click here.

If you ever want to find doctors just go to "Find a Doctor" at the top of the page, choose your location, and then choose your procedure.  You can also refine your results by choosing a doctor specialty after you select your location.  Good luck with your research!
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