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Does anybody know if there is a fee/cost for a lost aligner? I lost my very last one. Anyone know?

  • jesusisfaithful10910
  • 1 year ago

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It depends on the clinician treating you, and their office policies. And it also depends on your invisalign treatment plan, since depending on the number of aligners you get, there are revisions built in for free. But this isn't for all invisalign cases. You just have to contact your doctor to find out.

Sorry to hear you lost your tray. Its especially a bummer it was your very last one - ugh! :-( Do you know if the dentist was planning on doing a set of refinements for you? You might want to ask, because perhaps you could just skip to the refinement trays??

Here is a Q&A that will probably be helpful:

What's the Cost of Invisalign Replacement Tray?