hello! There are 2 dr "s" in Miami and I am wonderring which one every one is everyone is happy with??

  • talie
  • Miami, FL
  • 2 years ago

I sure hope its Dr Salzahauer.

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Hi. I just had a BBL with fat transfer and tummy tuck on November 21, 2011 with Dr. Salama as an out of town patient. During my consultation he decided to lipo a couple of additional areas because he felt it will enhance the results I seek, which included inner thighs. Trust me I wasn't short on donor areas. So I was surprised and pleased with that. I'm 2 week post op, back home now and extremely pleased with the results. I'm really swollen in my entire torso area, which is normal and expected. The front and back view now exceeds my expectation. Side view will improve as swelling goes down in my midsection. Other than flying home using a boppy pillow, I have not come close to sitting. Just been following post-op instructions to include lots of water, ultrasound therapy, full body ankle length compression garment worn 23.5hrs a day. Only remove it to shower and change dressing for where my suchtures were located. I bought 2 from eBay at a discounted rate. But I actually called the company and she worked something out to help with the costs. I recommend you calling to be sure you're getting the garment you seek, because I think they are vital during recovery and obtaining maximum results. I have 4 total. Received 2 from the doctor, but I only wear one. The second one they gave me was below the knee but the butt was out. I personally did not like that one because it was alot of swelling and pain in my exposed butt area. I elect to wear the full garment from my own research as far as the purpose of compression garment, which aid in blood circulation which helps the survival of the newly injected fat.

Whichever surgeon you elect, just make sure you're comfortable with his knowledge level and ask questions if you dont understand something or just curious. Everyone has their preference. I chose my surgeon from patient reviews and he was also running a special. Prior to him, I was considering costa rica, but very happy I didn't. He wasn't too much more expensive. I just felt I was placing an order at a restaurant with costa rica surgeons. They say okay to whatever you want done instead of what's best for the patient's results and risks. I didn't want a tummy tuck because of the incision. Dr. Salama was the only one to recommend it in order to achieve the results I explained I wanted. And I'm glad I did.
Have you emailed the doctor about it? He could probably send you more.
Hello! I'm also going to Dr. "S" in January!!I am so excited but I am so nervous!!... I wish I could see more pictures because I want to be able to give him an idea of how many cc's I want.... :)
From what I see, Dr. S is the one with the biggest turnout. I dont see as many Dr. M patients, maybe because of the price??? I personally have seen enough that I will be visiting Dr. Salzhauer in Dec (one month) I can't wait!!