Anyone out there dissatisfied with results?

  • hoon
  • 1 year ago

I had face, neck, and both upper and lower lids done Jan 21, 2013.  I am approaching my tenth week and I still have pain around ears, facial swelling and eyes that do not match.  I am up until I see myself in the mirror and then its a plunge.  I am most concerned about my eyes not seeming to heal like they should.  The PS says it will all straighten out, but I'm not so sure. Anyone else have similar problems?  

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I go back and forth. Sometimes I'm really pleased, sometimes not. If I have something with lots of sodium, it wreaks havoc on my face. Like today. I had my 3 month check with my doctor and I really looked awful, so I was a bit put off when he was saying 'words' like lip service, I thought...and I was upset because he said within the first year I get revisions free of charge if there is anything I'm not happy with, so it seems like he's trying to push off my concerns. He's an excellent surgeon, I don't knock his skills, but you never know if things are going to come out as you hope. I have a few concerns and I want them addressed. At three months if this is as good as it gets, then no, I hope for better. I get tired of hearing "Everyone is assymetrical"... well, okay, but I don't want one side of my mouth drooping and so much so I can feel it and I don't want my left eye staying swollen and I don't want ridges/pouches under my jaw.