Is there any cream that makes my lips smaller?

  • Susan_Smith105
  • 2 years ago

I know the way people love big lips but i don't like mine at all.My lips use to be full and normal sized.It seems it got bigger.I have this gap between my teeth and it looks like it got wider.Could this be the problem why I have really big lips because the top row is sort of going up.I'm afraid of doing surgery because there might be side affects and the money is too much.Please help its ruining my face!

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I also have very big lips can anyone help me with any lip sugery in south africa ;johannesburg

Hi there,

You might want to check out RealSelf's lip reduction community here.


As you pointed out, most people are wanting the opposite in a cream - something to plump their lips up. I personally haven't heard of any that would make them look smaller. Since you mentioned you were concerned with the gap between your teeth, and think that might be the root of the problem, have you consulted with a dentist or orthodontist about it? That might be a great place to start.