Shouldn't There Be a Crack-down on Whom is Allowed/qualified to Perform Nasal Surgeries?

  • lwfm
  • Kansas
  • 2 years ago

patient shouldn't have todo guess work or sift through whose being forthright, who cares & whom doesn't, right? After the fact (whether bad or good) it's going to be the patient's burden, isn't it? Most are not going to be likely to admit they made mistakes, and the financial burden is huge in getting a bad nose job fixed. General ents and plastic surgeons whom don't have the training or specialize in rhinoplasty maybe should not be allowed to perform it, right? Universities divide the ent depts

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I mean, it is just people's LIVES that are on the line here, right?!
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I agree. Yet I do feel that it is a doctor's job (being in the field of care) to be honest & straight forward regarding if they are the best qualified or not to perform the nasal surgery. An untrained private practice doctor is more likely to operate on you anyway, when a university/hospital general ent doctor is much more likely to refer you to one of the rhino experts. The spectrum is purposely (in my view) left much too broad in favor of making money in my opinion.
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I think it's definitely buyer beware on rhinoplasty. Each patient has to do his or her homework. Make sure you have a surgeon certified by the ASPS, and preferably, someone who specializes in and has done a lot of nose jobs. Rhinoplasty is one of the most intricate and difficult procedures, and you want to proceed with caution and do your research.

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