There is a case to be made for crooked teeth!

  • TwoPlusOne
  • 10 months ago

Are you really sure you want to fix your teeth?  Totally sure?  For those of us growing up in the US, it's pretty common to just assume that straight teeth are better.  But if you're not experiencing any adverse effects (TMJ disorder, difficulty chewing, headaches, excessive tooth wear,) consider that your crooked smile may be one of the things that makes you unique, and uniquely beautiful.  Vogue Beauty recently ran an article extolling the virtues of crooked smiles, and I'm not gonna lie, I love that snaggletooth look!  But I got Invisalign myself, and I don't regret it for a second--mainly because I didn't have a snaggletooth, but a buck tooth! ;)

How about you?  Do you love a crooked smile?  Or do you perhaps think the uniqueness is not worth it?