The truth about Juveni

  • Courtney21
  • 7 months ago

I just want to start by saying that I'm not judging anyone for thinking of buying a dermal filler online. Obviously, that's what I was doing when I found this blog. I looked on Ali, Canadian and Mexican pharmacy websites but was afraid of losing my money/getting in trouble if my order was rejected by customs. That's when I found Juveni. It sounded perfect until I checked it out... PLEASE READ THIS!! Juveni is just one of the links that will redirect you to the same website server as pmma, Isoscel and mesoone.  It's pretty easy to make your own website and no, you don't have to put in your real address or contact info. The contact info listed for this particular domain address is over 15 years old and if it were legitimate to begin with (which is doubtful considering they're illegally selling prescription medication) it's not anymore. It's empty office space for rent. The website was banned in the UK in April of 2013 after a woman tried it & went to the ER with a blood clot in her eye. In a letter dated April 5, 2010 from the FDA, they were sited for numerous violations & their products were to be detained by customs and refused entry. By the way, the products are all imported from Fortaleza, Brazil. The owner of the 'company' is not listed as a doctor, pharmacist, or even a chemist. The address listed on the letter from the FDA, is not that of a company nor a lab. It's a rundown neighborhood with graffiti on the makeshift buildings and houses. Brazil is known for it's black market pmma & silicone not for vanity purposes alone but because they have so many HIV/AIDS patients that suffer from an actual medical condition known as facial wasting. THEY are truly desperate. The rest of us are just desperately trying to be prettier. I read a few comments suggesting that anyone against these 'fillers' was a competitor from China. To those people all I ask is that you please do your research. It's not worth the risks.