Who Are the Top Nose Surgeons in Hawaii?

  • Kaneohe6524
  • 2 years ago

Living in Hawaii, I don't have the luxury of visiting many doctors who specialize in rhinoplasty. In fact, I haven't found one that markets themselves as such. Is anyone aware of top nose surgeons in Hawaii?

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You could definitely post this as a question to the doctors on RealSelf and see if you get a response! Go here to do that. Good luck!

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Hi there,

While I can't recommend anyone in particular, I have noticed that Dr. Wong from Honolulu is on RealSelf and has done several facial procedures and answered questions on the site.

Here's what some doctors have to say about finding good rhinoplasty surgeons. And you can also go here to find a list of rhinoplasty doctors in your area.

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Mahalo for your response...I'll definitely check out Dr. Wong. Do you think it would be possible to know if top surgeons KNOW of anyone in Hawaii with the breadth and depth of experience that is evident in some of these postings? Just wondering about the professional network that could be tapped using a forum such as this one, which is so awesome (especially for those of us in the middle of the Pacific). :)
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