Who Are Some of the Best Surgeons in the US Who Perform Really Nice Brazillian Butt Lifts?

  • BarbieDoll85
  • Mn
  • 2 years ago

Who are some of the best top notch surgeons in the US who perform really nice permanent brazillian butt lifts? Also how long would I have to stay out of town for this procedure?

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My picks are Jimerson, Salama, and possibly Perry... Although, I would have selected Dr. Markman but he is sooo expensive and I feel as though Dr. J. will give me my ghetto booty back. Therefore, my selection is because they all do different work but great results. You have to figure out what you want and then research, research to ensure they will be able to deliver your desired results. Good Luck.. I hope I have been some help at best
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