The Shock of My New Size FFF or GGG

  • Too Big In Los Angeles
  • 2 years ago

I was a C cup all my life. After my two children, I was probably a saggy B. I had implants in 2006. I requested a C cup. So, for about a year, I shoved my enormous new breasts into a C or D cup. Finally one day while shopping for a bra at Nordstrom's, the saleswoman filled me in. She measured me. I was a FFF or GGG. I was/am/continue to be in shock.   These breasts have negatively impacted my life. I no longer can wear anything. (I am a 4 on the bottom and a 14 on the top. I have lost all interest in the way I look and they are too heavy for my small frame.    How do I get this changed? If I replace them with smaller implants, won't I have to have a "lift" then because of all the stretched out skin?  I went back to my original surgeon and believe it or not, he actually threw (like playing cards) my pre-surgery photos at me, one at a time.  Can anyone give me some advice? 

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Oh my gosh. If your doctor threw anything at you, I think it's time to find a new surgeon! That sounds very disrespectful to say the least. Some ladies get lifts when they have their implants removed or replaced and some don't need it. It all depends on your breasts/tissue/skin. I would suggest making a couple consultation appointments and getting some ideas. Good luck and please report back!

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