Is the Scar worth the Tummy Tuck?

  • mountainmomma
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies, I am seriously considering the mommy makeover...i had breast implants in 95 so gonna have them redone alongside tummy tuck and flank question is this:  i don't have any scars or stretch marks as i delivered the scar worth it?  i haven't seen a tt scar in person just from pics on internet. thanks so much,   m  

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Well my opinion is from LOTS of streach marks. so much in fact that My stomach looked like a rasin. So I look at it like this. 1. am I hiding my stomach now? YES.. m rasin belly went well above the BB so for me worth the trade. I had no fat just skin.. so for me YES.. I couldnt loose any weight to decrease the size of the belly or flatten it. The muscles that seperate from the carring of babies. (I had 4 and one was 10 lbs) will never correct themselves.. so the ONLY way to fix it is a full TT with muscle repair.
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