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Has Anyone Had the S-Lift Done by Dr. Peter Malouf in Ft. Worth?

  • texas102
  • texas
  • 2 years ago

Work done by Dr. Peter Malouf in Ft. Worth?

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Yes, I had the S-Lift done on Friday. I don't know what the final look will be, but I can say he does a great job with the stitches. He and his staff are very nice and helpful. I looked at different options and doctors before deciding on Dr. Malouf. I think I had a great experience considering some things I have read on this site. I was only in a lot of pain one day and took prescribed pain meds. Extra Strength Tylenol was used all other days. Yesterday just took one at night to help with sleep.
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I'm not sure if Dr. Malouf only does the S-Lift, but there are a few reviews here for his facelift work here. Have you been on any consultations yet?

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