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  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

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Restylane Lip Swelling Recovery Timeline Hi All, I thought I’d share my experience with Restylane because other people’s contributions have been super helpful for me – thanks! First of all – watch out for doctors who have a laissez faire attitude and seem to minimize any kind of recovery period for any cosmetic surgery procedure. That’s BS and unethical, in my book. Second, if any doctors are reading this – get over your ego. This is another thing I’ve seen way too much of in the cosmetic/plastic surgery world – doctors who take so much pride in what they do (good) that they are egotistical (bad) and go into denial if a patient is unhappy with their results. The patient is crazy, it’s the patient’s fault – BS! Own it, doc, if you mess up, or else – how are you ever going to get better at your craft? Ok, so my story. I’m 48 and all my friends around my range seemed to have gotten “something” done by our age – fillers, Botox, peels, etc. I had never done anything. So first foray was Botox. I went to a plastic surgeon to have it done, and - I’ll call him/her “they” - did a fine job. I am conservative and like a natural beauty look. They just did a bit in the between the brow frown line. (Sorry I don’t know how much they used – an example of they’re not being adequately transparent with me – red flag.) The Botox is amazing – super cool. I was quite pleased with the results and got the compliments of, “You look so young,” or “You look good,” without people knowing what was done. That’s how it should work, right? So, the other thing that was bugging me were these vertical lines starting to form on my upper lip – lip lines I guess they are referred to. One side was more pronounced. I went back to the same doc and said all I want is to decrease those lines. My smile lines don’t really bug me, even my crows’ feet don’t really bug me, but those lip lines do. They suggested Restylane because it’s lighter or something like that, but they said the downside is I need to buy a whole vial. They were straightforward there. Good. I asked what the recovery time was and if I could go to work the next day. The nurse piped in and said I could, I just might have to wear dark lipstick. The doctor said no problem, I might be a little swollen, but no one will notice, that results are immediate. For some reason, I think they felt pressure to use the whole vial, so they filled in the area pretty much along my top lip line, the vertical lip lines, the smile lines on each side of my mouth, and a couple lines on each cheek. In the office, pretty much right after the procedure, I started to swell a little and in the mirror I did look like one of those Hollywood actresses who’s had her lips done. I said this to the doc and they said the swelling will come down. I did have red dots from where the needles went in and was already starting to bruise a bit, so I got some foundation from the nurse (which I didn’t have because I never wear it.) I felt embarrassed leaving the doctor’s office, but another patient who was there at the time said I look normal. So, here’s a timeline to describe what happened next: 5:00 pm – Had procedure done 5:15 pm – Driving home, picked up a frozen bag of fruit at the store, which I held against my face, padding the areas treated as I drove – this soothed it. 7:00 pm – I’m starting to swell to a degree where I didn’t want anyone to see me 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – I’m icing with ice in zip lock sandwich bags and a wash cloth to collect any water leaking. I’m icing as much as I can as long as it feels ok (knowing I’m still a bit numb from the numbing cream they put on before the procedure.) 10:00 pm – I'm pretty swollen and starting to freak out a bit, but reading the message boards, especially from the doctors who are more realistic and up front that Restylane on the lips can cause a lot of swelling and that it varies from patient to patient. 10:15 pm – I got to bed with my head on five pillows to keep it elevated Middle of the night – 1:00 am – I wake up, look in the mirror and I look like a duck, or Octomom, or a super scary Hollywood actress/rich woman with a lot of really bad plastic surgery. I start freaking out. I keep icing and I'm up for another two hours reading message boards, notes from plastic surgeons, reading about how to undo the stuff. I’m freaking out and cursing my vanity and asking how I can possibly go to work the next day and face my co-workers and the world. Day 2 - 4:00 am – I wake up again and the swelling is so bad I don’t want anyone to see me. I call in sick to work (thankfully not a super busy day, though I have a very demanding job, so missing work is also adding to my anxiety.) I keep icing and reading about Restylane recovery online. I decide to not eat anything that causes water retention as this could make the swelling worse. Not easy! I juice watermelon, make a bunch of green, vegetable juice. I also read (later) that papaya and pineapple are really good post-surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. My cheek and area above my lip are bruised. 8:00 am – I can see that the swelling is starting to go down a bit, but I am still embarrassed to be seen. Anyone looking at my face would say I look weird and scary. I keep icing throughout the day – on and off as long as I can’t stand it. Day 2, Noon – swelling is not as bad, but I still look weird. 24 hours post-procedure - 5:00 pm – I feel less embarrassed going to the grocery store and being seen. People who don’t know me probably wouldn’t notice anything, unless they’re women my age who’ve done through this or plastic surgeons or doctors who wonder which of their brethren screwed up my lips! I keep icing all evening, on and off. 10:00 pm – I ‘m looking a little more normal, but still swollen, still funny looking and I’m wondering when this will end. 36 hours post-procedure, Day 3, 5:00 am – I wake up – still red bumps, still bruised, still a bit swollen, but I look more just generally puffy than someone who’s had something unnatural done to their face. For the record, I’ve lost a couple pounds of water weight from mainly juicing the day before, so, I know I'm not retaining extra water weight. I think this really helped matters. I can’t imagine if I’d eaten a bunch of starches the day before. The all juicing was not easy, let me tell you, but I do believe it helped – though of course, this is an amateur opinion! I’ve heard eating a lot of protein can help too. I am calling in sick Day 2, but happen to also have a bad cold now, so I don’t feel as guilty about doing this! So, all in all, I can’t yet say I’m happy I did this. I still look weird to myself, not better how I had hoped. The doctor did not properly set expectations. Now that the swelling has come down, I can’t say that they used too much Restylane – it remains to be seen. But they should have said to plan to take a couple days off work and preferably before a long weekend and set better expectations about the scary swelling. Hope this helps some of you!