Will the red burn marks left from a Palomar Non Ablative Fractional Laser heal ?

  • June D
  • 1 year ago

I had a Palomar Fractional Non Ablative laser treatment done 7 weeks ago. I have healed considerably more since this photo was taken and I am no longer peeling or scabbing. However the red burn marks still remain, just lighter. The area feels ok to touch but when I try to cover it with make-up it looks dry and crusty and can't be hidden properly under concealer. Gentle exfoliation is making no difference and no visible flaking is occurring any more at all.  I am using a repair serum that I purchased when I had a different laser treatment done 2 years ago. It contains omega fatty acids, raspberry seed oil, vit E, blueberry seed oil, calendula oil & potassium sorbate. New lines are also visible which many people on here have complained about, yet practitioners that respond keep saying it isn't possible, none the less, they are definitely there. I cannot use bleaching creams, natural or chemical as they burn my skin. I was wondering if I should consider the candela gentlase pro to remove the pigmentation? I have had this treatment in the past for light brown pigmentation and it worked very well with no side effects. It was all healed within 7 days. However I don't think the remaining reddish marks are classed as pigmentation, I think they are just faded burn marks. Is there any-thing I can do to remove these red burn marks? They are no where near as dark as this photo any-more, but are in the exact same area. Any help will be much appreciated as I'm not sure what to do from here. I haven't been back to the clinic as yet as I'm not confident in any treatment plans to rectify this. I have read many stories on here stating that follow up treatments have made things much worse, so I'm not rushing into any-thing yet. For example fat loss seems to be a common side effect of over treated areas. Very nervous and trying not to panic.

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How have you healed ?? I unfortunately have severe side effects from the Palomer non ablative . Heavy grid mark crepe paper skin etc. i am six months out and feel tjere is no hope :( .. i hope you heal well and have no effects as I did. :) god bless
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Hi Sandy. I am fortunate as my skin is healing well. I only have one faint grid mark that is barely noticeable. I still have light hyper pigmentation across my upper lip, but it is fading. I've been using a beautician grade natural lightener for about a month and the overall appearance of my skin is improving. I have also been having daily green smoothies with flaxseeds and chia seeds to ensure I'm getting a lot of omega 3 fatty acids. I took herbal gotu kola capsules for a couple of months also which is great for all connective tissue amongst other things. I'm seeing a new laser specialist who is qualified to operate the OPL machine she has. She did a test patch which did nothing, so she recommended the lightening cream with retinol as she would not risk any further damage by increasing the machines intensity. I am saving for dermapen treatments to help with overall appearance and collagen production, but I will just have to be patient with the hyperigmentation. I think it will eventually be barely noticeable. I hope you can find an exceptional clinic that can help you with a healing program. I can't stress enough how much a good detox and lots of green smoothies can really improve the overall look of skin. With the right creams and nutrients and advice from skilled practitioners, I think you will notice a lot of improvement. The whole process is heartbreaking and scary and I wish that these unqualified, inexperienced laser therapists could be charged or at least sacked. It's a dreadful experience and they need to be held accountable. Good luck. I will be thinking of you.
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Geez, I just can't find an answer for you.  I did notice that you also asked this in the Doctor Q&A.  Anyone who wants to see click here.  I hope you find some answers and support!

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