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I’m Megan P, the dental community manager.

I’m here to help you gather information on different treatments you are considering to improve your smile. After having spent years working in a dental office, running an orthodontic lab, and working for a company that provided continuing education to dentists my full-time job now is to help you! I am passionate about empowering everyone who visits our community with information so they can make a well informed decision on whether a procedure is right for them or not.

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These communities are all about talking and sharing information, so don’t shy away from posting a comment or question.

If you ever have any questions or need any help please send me a direct message.

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I'm new to the dental forum. I need some help. I had 2 of my front bottom teeth removed last Monday. The same day they put a partial on. I left them in till Fri. and noticed getting what looks like a blister on the side of my gum, by this morning it's really big. I also have to have 2 of my top teeth removed. I HATE this partial. I want to get implants and my dentist has mentioned it. My question is how long did you have to wait before you got the implants and did you have partials for awhile first. Also wondering if you went to a oral surgeon for this. Please help. Thanks.
This might be helpful to you--it's a link to our doctors' forum, where they answered a similar question to yours (if I understood your question correctly :).)  How long do you have to wait for a dental implant after having a tooth pulled?
Thank you. I will check into the forum.
I will check into the forum. Thank you.
Gaining in for my second implant next week. The first one went smoothly. I had no pain just slight discomfort.
Hi, I am new member of this forum and I'd like to share my opinion about dental implants las vegas. I'm really amazed how my dentist fixed my dental implants. I had a great desire to put them because I often visited the dentist when I was younger. I asked a lot about dental implants and learned valuable information for which I decided on this venture. Dental implants are titanium screws that are implanted into the bone and are a replacement for a lost tooth root. Titanium is used because of its biological neutrality, which is very important to bone tissue.
It is indeed a very informative place for dental implants Q&A. Wish you the best & keep it up! :)
Hi I am new to this forum,good to see all the information gathered here.