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Which is the best product for skin care?

  • keertana222
  • 1 year ago

Which product i want to use for glowing face. Can you please suggest me....................

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I use Rodan and Fields skincare products and I really like the results. I have tried many different brands of skin care products. Right now, I am using the reverse regimen for sun damage but at night, I use redefine for anti aging. I also use the macro exfoliator once aweek to remove a weeks worth of dead skin cells. My skin always looks refreshed the next day.
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I use Proactive Solution for such skin conditions. It cures skin acne, scars, dust and other skin problems as well and leaves and your skin naturally glowing and attractive.
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Well it all depends on what is good for you. I have a sensitive skin type but my forehead is quite glowy/oily,which is quite rare. I think that you should try different products to know what works best. I personally can recommend you Deep Facial Cleanser by Body Empire
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Unfortunately there is not one product that works great for everyone. For myself, I've found its a matter of trying different products and identifying what does and does not work for my skin through trial and error.

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