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I have had the procedure twice. Do results fade?

  • pigeonhold
  • 1 year ago

I had the first procedure done three months ago, on level 3.  And when I was swollen I would barely sweat which was what I wanted; however, as the swelling came down I returned to excessive sweating as if the procedure did not happen.  I just got my second treatment, on level 4 and it's been a week.  I'm mostly dry.  I'm wary on getting my hopes up though because I am still swollen (lumps on my underarms).  Can anyone confirm that they remained dry, or mostly dry, after the swelling went a couple of months after their second treatment?

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There are approximately 1/10 patients who might need a third treatment. That's actually good news because 9/10 people were satisfied after two treatments. If you are not fully satisfied and it's been about 3 months out from the procedure, you should consult again with your physician.
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Here are a couple of reviews from RealSelfer's who have had the treatment twice. I thought you might like checking out their reviews to hear about their experiences:

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