Can the pregnancy blood test come abnormal or high (dont remember the lab word term they use) if im in my period?

  • Crystal23texas
  • 2 years ago

Ok, Im a little nervous surgery is in 1wk, when I went to go get my lab work done I was in my period, plus I dont get it that often cuz im in the iud, everything came out ok exept for the pregnancy test it wasnt positive but tbey said it was high, but surgeon approve surgery I guess it is normal then if I was.on my period just wanted to share....

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Pregnancy tests are performed because a woman is late for her period. A test may also be performed when she suspects she is pregnant but is not yet late for her period. A doctor may also routinely perform a [url=] pregnancy blood test [/url] when a woman is about to have a test or surgery that could harm a fetus if she is pregnant. In this case, the test is performed to rule out a pregnancy.

I'm sure if there was any chance you were pregnant your surgeon would not proceed. It's always good to follow up with your surgeon and communicate and ask questions, though.

Thanks for the info, i had my surgery already im in recovery so everything came out ok. Will post pics of before and after...