where is the best place to get it done ? Ive been quoted £21,000 for my chest abs ams and chin is that right ??

  • big ish
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  • 3 years ago

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Check out Dr Jain, Riverbanks clinic!

Can I send you a private message or u can call me?
No that was not for a nurse it was for all areas i stated and for 10 after care treatments also for a t.v company to film it with a news paper ... It was from Dr grant hamlet today i saw Dr cumins who priced me £10.000 half the price but not for the chin .... feel like Dr grant try ed ripping me off ....

Welcome to RealSelf, big ish. The average cost of Vaser (as reported by other RealSelfers) is only $6,000, and the highest we've seen reported here was $17,000 (about £11,000). Does your price include anything special, like an overnight stay or 24 hour nurse? It's certainly higher than average.