Will the pig look of my nose go away?

  • cocobebe72
  • 1 year ago

Hi I just got the splint taken off my nose today and I almost cried when I left the office. I thought I looked liked a pig but my doctor didn't see it. However, he said the swelling would go down within the next month. I am very worried though because I have to go back to school and I can't look like this..I had a tip that came down when I smiled and I asked for that to be turned up. But I didn't want it brought up too much and now I am worried that it has. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture from today, it has been a week after the surgery.  

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I know it can be difficult to adjust to your new look. Especially when you're used to a nose that points down. I've heard the tip can drop a bit after surgery and, of course, you're still swollen.

All that said, from an objective viewpoint, you look beautiful! Seriously stunning. Please try not to let this get you down as you don't look the least bit piggy.

Thank you so much for the encouragement! The swelling has already started going down and it has only been a few days. I think I am just being paranoid..