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I’m Kimmers25,  the community manager.

I’m here to help you gather information on different treatments you are considering. I am passionate about empowering everyone who visits our community with information so they can make a well informed decision on whether a procedure is right for them or not.

This community is filled with supportive people, so don’t be afraid to reach out & ask questions or leave comments - we are all about talking here!

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Hi everybody! I am a PMU artist from Greece! I am looking so hard to find a forum or a blog for Professionals to exchange opinions about colours, techniques, devices and e.t.c Can you recommend any? Thank you Daria.
I am a trained and certified Permanent Makeup Tech from Germany . I would suggest that you make sure the Pigments you purchase or your technician uses are made in USA. When i practice at home i would only purchase top of the line pigments from Berlin and i must say that i have not found the same quality here so far. You can probably purchase from overseas though. My Personal preference for Eye and Brow colors are from PureBeau and Lipcolors from LongtimeLiners both in Germany but do not be surprised about the Prices, as they are on the high side. I am sure you can find similar quality in the States, but do alot of research. I hope i could be of help.
How about pigments of biotouch and amiea... are they good too? Amiea from germany and biotouch from USA..
Thank for the information, can you tell me what is the best brand of micropigments in the market, God bless you.