Is the pain after Zeltiq bad enough to warrant staying at home?

  • WantToGlow
  • South Korea, KR
  • 8 months ago

I'm especially interested to hear from those who've had the abdomen area done since I've heard that's one of the most painful areas as far as recovery goes. I know post procedural pain can vary greatly from person to person, but I'm just wondering what the general response will be. I'm thinking about having my lower/mid abdomen done, but I'm really scared of the pain! I know it isn't exactly surgery, but I've never before had any kind of surgery or any physically painful experience that made me think "if I can do this, I can do anything." Can people that have done it equate it to any other kind of pain (e.g. bad menstrual cramps, vitamin on an empty stomach, digestive/gastrointestinal issues, etc.)? I'm thinking I should schedule the treatment 7 to 10 days prior to a long weekend because that seems to be the worst of it for most people. I'm obviously really nervous ;-) Any input or moral support would be greatly appreciated!