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Does the neck pain go away after injections for migraines?

  • Sandit2
  • Southwest, Mississippi
  • 1 year ago

I had my first injections for Migraine headaches last month. A week after I got them I noticed really almost severe pain in my neck! I thought it was maybe because I had slept wrong since it was there when I awakened. The next day it was gone. Now I am experiencing pain in my neck that is like sore every time I move! It isn't as severe as it was the first time it happened tho.    I am wondering if it will eventually go away. If it does it is definitely worth it because I have only had one headache in 2 weeks! The doctor said I would be able to tell the max benefits from it in 2 or 3 injections.   Has the neck pain stopped for anyone that has experienced it? Do we know what causes it?   Thanks for any help with this.

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November 7 and it seems the neck pain is getting better. I have had several regular headaches, but not the severe migraine type. So, I suppose the neck pain is a temporary thing and it is more tolerable than the migraines. I will post again after I get the 2nd injections or before then if I have any other side effects arise. Good luck everyone!
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I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing neck pain, especially when trying to seek relief from migraines. :(

Thank you for starting this discussion, as you don't seem to be the only one who has experienced this. Until others jump on and are able to share their experiences here is some information you might find interesting:

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Did the neck pain ever go away? You did not follow up! I am curious because I am having extreme neck pain, sometimes it hurts just to hold my head up. I have only had 1 set of injections so far though.
I also had my first injection 2 months ago and am still suffering with intense neck and back pain. I am also wondering when this will go away. My migranes have been so much better, but I would love this neck pain to go away.