should i go over or under the muscle????

  • ladylethendy
  • Ukiah, CA
  • 2 years ago

My ps told me to go under the muscle with anatomical implants 255cc. I am not sure and do not want rippling or the implant to be seen. I want a natural result but with volume and up 2 cup sizes.

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Going under the muscle does cover up implants better and does give you a more natural shape. Anatomic implants have the hardest (most cohesive) silicone which does not ripple. However in my practice I stopped using anatomic implants except in breast cancer reconstruction because they lack volume up top which is what most women want. I use round implants and by placing them under the muscle it creates a more natural look. To address the issue of rippling, I like the brand new Inspira implants by Allergan which are more fully filled with silicone gel and thus ripple less
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Hi there,

Here's another woman who was considering anatomical implants in about the same size as yours and what doctors said to her. Have you consulted with more than one surgeon so you can learn about different approaches? You might be surprised by how much doctors can differ. If you're comfortable with your doctor, you'll have to discuss at length your implant type, size, profile, placement, etc. to make sure you're on the same page about everything. Good luck!

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