The best makeup for covering facelift bruises

  • 1 year ago

We all know that bruising is usually part of the facelift recovery process. But that doesn't mean we want to be seen black and blue (or yellow and green) by friends and family. If you're ready to get out in the world, but want to cover your bruises, I've put together a list of products you might want to consider (caveat: I've never tried these products and am not being paid to promote them, they are simply a collection of items I've curated from around the internet).

Dermablend Claims to cover bruises on the face and neck

Kat Von D tattoo concealer It stands to reason that if it can cover ink, it can cover bruising as well

CoverFX Check out the Total Cover Cream Foundation

Dior Airflash While pricey, it's purported to be buildable, which means you can layer it to improve coverage

Makeup Forever has been recommended by professional makeup artists for covering bruises

If you have additional recommendations, please leave them in the comments section!